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Consultation - DevOps Engineering Course

🙋 312 School - Kateryna

⏰ Central Time - US & Canada

🗓 You can find your time and date of the consultation in the email you just received

💻 The consultation will take place via Zoom. You can find the link in the email you just received.

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Want to contact us right away?
  1. One day before the meeting, you will receive a confirmation email. Please confirm it; otherwise, the consultation will be canceled.

  2. This consultation is commitment-free. Feel free to ask any questions about IT, our study program, and how we assist in job placement.

  3. We offer a full-time program called “DevOps Engineer.” It requires approximately 35-40 hours per week, including homework. We’ll provide knowledge, support, and job assistance, but it requires commitment and motivation from your side.

If you’re unable to attend the consultation at the scheduled time, you can cancel or reschedule it using the link at the bottom of the email you just received.

See you soon 😊

🙋 Hello! I’m Kateryna, the General Manager of 312 School

Looking forward to providing you with all the details about our program.

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