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Our next batch begins on August 8th.

This is a hybrid batch with both online and on-site spots available.

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312 is a school with a firm commitment to ensuring every one of our students finds success

We help our students accomplish their most important goal - getting a well-paid job. This is our common goal, and we are not the type of school that just goes through the curriculum and lets you figure out how to get a job. 

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It is Possible to Have a Brilliant Career in the United States

Aman's success story

A former taxi driver, who quickly realized that what he is doing for a living is not his dream job. His goal was to become an IT specialist. Although his pathway was challenging, it did bring a lot of excitement along the way.

Meerim’s success story

Mother of two beautiful children, a wife, and an active needlework-blogger. She had her hands full but she felt she was capable of doing a lot more with her life.

Askar’s short story

His mature age did not stop him from pursuing his dreams and migrating to the US. He had a long and difficult pathway but he managed to overcome all challenges while still keeping a smile on his face.

Malika’s short story

Please meet Malika, our former student. Malika has been living in the US for the last two years and has already become a qualified specialist. A short time after completing our DevOps Engineering course, she received a job offer of her dreams and now earns more than she had ever expected.

Rabiga's success story

Here is a story of Rabiga, the graduate of 312 School. Now she has been working as DevOps engineer for almost half a year. We are proud of our students! And we are happy to be a part of your success stories.

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What You Need to Know

How we help you achieve goals

Our 6-month technical program consists of Theory classes, Homeworks, Practical tasks and Projects in our simulated work environments. You will work with the same environments that well-known tech companies have, this will help you gain real-world experience, necessary to pass a job interview and to feel comfortable when you get your first DevOps job

DevOps Program

DevOps Program

Our goal is to get you a well-paid job, and we will do everything we can to help you achieve it. You will go through our main program, but we will not let you fall behind. If you don't understand certain topics, our teacher assistants are always available to go over the difficult points with you again.

What's our Common Goal

What's our Common Goal

312 has very knowledgeable instructors, who work in top-tier companies and have the best qualifications, including the best industry certifications. We know technology is always changing, so we continually seek new ways to improve our program.

Technical Knowledge

Technical Knowledge

DevOps Engineers can have many different skills. We could teach you all of them, but it's inefficient. Instead, we focus on 3 main skills/technologies that are fundamental for a DevOps Engineer. If you know them well, you can solve work problems and learn other skills easily. These 3 skills (AWS, Linux, Kubernetes) will already put you on a list of top candidates for most of the jobs.

AWS, Linux, Kubernetes

AWS, Linux, Kubernetes

I'm a former student of 312 School. I'd say it's the best DevOps school in Chicago, maybe even in the USA. After a 6-month course and a month of CV and interview preparation, the students get jobs that change their life completely. The teachers are very professional and they explain technical things in simple words. Friendly, positive environment. It's really a great place to start your IT career!

The things I liked the most about the school: structured and interactive lessons, comfortable study environment and small groups (20-25 students). I can guarantee that you'll always get more than enough attention from teachers and mentors. I successfully finished my studies and got my dream job! Now at my work I feel very confident and I know that I got a strong background. All thanks to 312 School team!

If you've always dreamed to step into the IT World — 312 School is the best place to begin with. Here you can find support, guidance, warm and positive environment to start your professional journey. Great bootcamp! Keep it up, guys!

I really enjoyed the course! All the instructors are highly skilled. I was facing a lot of issues and problems with my studies and personal life through the course. But at school they treated me like family, with understanding and flexibility. The school gave me an opportunity to finally finish the course and helped me to get ready for job-hunting. I got all the basic and advanced knowledge to start my IT career. Thank you!


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Within 6.5 months you will learn how to use common DevOps tools as well as prepare a CV and get ready for a job interview. All under the supervision of our experienced instructors. 


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Advanced Computer

Experienced instructors from the largest IT companies in America are working with us. Our school provides full mentorship for you throughout the whole course, until you get a job.


312 offers you a comfortable and functional learning environment. Our classrooms have a cozy kitchen and a relaxation area.


The training program is developed based on real requests and demand from employers/companies. Throughout the course, students work on real projects.


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