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👋🏼 Hello!

Thank you for expressing your interest in our DevOps engineering course! 

Our next batch begins on August 8th. This is a hybrid batch with both online and on-site spots available.

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We’re excited to share with you a few highlights about our program.

⏰ The course lasts for 7 months. During the program, we cover everything from scratch, including popular tools such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Git, Python, Terraform, CI/CD, GitHub Actions, JIRA, ArgoCD, GitOps, GitLabCI, Packer, Datadog, and more. No prior IT experience is needed.

🎓 We also prepare you for several industry-recognized certifications that are very valuable on the job market.

Our main mission is your success! We’re committed to making sure that you’ll land a well-paying job after graduation. 312 School is a well-established bootcamp with over 20 people in our staff, and we have a dedicated Market Support team of 5 experts who have proven experience in Career Coaching, Resumes, Job search strategies, and Interview preparation. Together we will create a competitive candidate profile for you by optimizing your resume and LinkedIn, providing job search tips, training you to pass tech interviews, and sharing market insights. We'll support you all the way until you land a job. And if you don't secure a job within 6 active months on the market after graduation, we’ll refund up to 50% of your total tuition cost!

🤔 Wondering about real outcomes?

The average annual salary of our graduates is $132,624, including bonuses. They work for well-known big companies such as Sony, Capital One, Citibank, and Insider Inc. Typically, our graduates secure DevOps positions within 2-3 months after graduation. Check out their feedback.

✨ 30-Day Free Trial

We offer a 30-day free trial in case you're hesitant about whether DevOps is the right path for you. We’re confident that 312 School can meet your needs, and that’s why we offer the first month as a trial: within the first 30 days of the course we refund you the whole amount you paid, except for $250, which we retain as an inconvenience fee.

👉🏻 Please check out the attached brochure to find out more about April batch (program outline, schedule, tuition fees, payment plans, and other details).

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